Lydia’s Life

I live in Oklahoma, on a large pond shared with a number of other families in our neighborhood, and in a house we call Goose Hill. It’s pretty much a paradise, with big windows, beautiful views, fascinating wildlife and immense trees. I live here with my mother Carolyn and step-father James, as well as our pets; Teddy Bear, a white and grey Havanese; Baron, a German Shepherd and official canine Senior Citizen; Finn, an enormous and beautiful, shiny and black, retired racing greyhound; and my cat, Ziva, a grey tabby rescue who, as of this writing, is pregnant.

Through the summer, and possibly beyond, you’ll meet a number of characters who tend to move in and out of the foreground. As they start popping up, I’ll list them here.

Bridgette McKay – My best friend, who spends about half of her time at our house, anyway. She’s usually my official taster and kitchen assisstant.

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