Look! Filler!

It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon, taken in recovery of a Friday of intense cleaning, and I thought I’d take a moment to update this and just sort of talk a little about the world in which I live.

Right now it’s somewhat cloudy and definitely humid outside, which in spring around these parts means we’re probably going to have an evening storm. This enormous computer on which I’m typing is a fancy new touchscreen, so every few sentences I get derailed by Ziva, my grey tabby, who likes to bat at the cursor. Actually, just as I was typing this sentence, she opened a photoblog she found interesting. 🙂

Ziva is pregnant, and I feel like a horrible cat mommy because of it. We rescued her last October, when she just sort of leapt into our lives, and she was very small and malnourished when we found her, out by a large lake in our city, smelling of dead fish and with a small hole in her left ear big enough to put an earring through, if we ever felt inclined. We vastly underestimated her age, since she only looked about twelve weeks old in size, and when we realized how old she was, well…it was too late.

I’ve compiled about fifty recipes I’m going to use so far. Most of them are summery recipes, because I do want to take advantage of in-season fruits, especially peaches, as we may not be Georgia but we grow some rather fine ones around here. Several of them feature roses, which are one of a LONG list of my favorite flowers and one of my favorite flavors. A few of them will seem a little wintry or autumnal, and in those cases I’ll definitely try to make them on cooler days, for effect as well as the fact that it can and most often does get beastly hot here in the summer and the oven can be a nightmare to run.

I may also post about some recipes I’ve made before but am trying again. Perhaps a Way-Back Wednesday thing, I’m not sure. I also may have the opportunity to go and pick first-hand some of the ingredients I’ll use…we currently have a tomato plant, some herbs and a blackberry bush that’s just covered in blossoms, as well as a dwarf pomegranate and a nearby thicket of honeysuckle. If all goes well, I’ll be getting a blueberry bush and maybe some raspberries soon as well as a Kentucky Colonel mint plant to replace the one I used to have that died. I also might get to harvest anything from corn and black-eyed peas to apricots and cherries depending on how I time my visits to my Dad’s, and I’m also a bit of a forager in public parks where I’ve observed, for several years now, huge crops of fruit just falling to the ground once ripe.

I’ll also be making some different drinks, mostly non-alcoholic but a couple of cocktails, that aren’t included in the recipe count because they’re just not that hard and can usually be made using surplus ingredients.

Finally, I’ll also be documenting my adventures in rendering lard and tallow, as well as making pectin stock, which is a beautiful, beautiful thing to a self-sufficiency lover, and trying out some jam recipes with Pomona’s Universal Pectin, which, if reports are to be believed, is strong and versitile enough that I can substitute the sugar in some of my recipes with honey. And THAT would be nice.

And, girly moment, don’t you just love this theme? I’m more than a little bit of an aesthete, and I loved the arrangement and font as well as the beautiful, pink dogwood blossoms. I’m glad I can enjoy them here, because actual dogwood pollen makes me sneeze!

Anyway, stay tuned for the first of many recipe posts to come!


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